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What are the priorities of the Radiography as compared to Radiology ?
     One of the most important priorities is the possibility of carrying out real-time examination that not only does allow viewing the structure of the examined organ, but also its peculiarities of contraction, dilatation and filling after contrast administration.
Is there any special protection for pediatric patients ?
     Siemens Axion Iconos R100 is equipped with a system of decrease of radiation dose by 50%, beneficial especially in pediatric examinations.
What are the possibilities of Axion Iconos R100 in examining the musculoskeletal system ?
     Axion Iconos R100 allows examining immobilized (polytraumatic) patients. This opportunity is due to mobility of radiological table, both in a longitudinal and in the transversal planes, which allows researching several segments of the human body during a single examination.
Patient’s behavior after irrigoscopy ?
     The consequences are transient and related to the elimination of the contrast from the body that lasts from 24 to 30 hours. After examination you may resume your normal activities and diet. In the first 24 hours after the examination it is recommended to drink a lot of fluid. To speed up the elimination of contrast, take laxative medicines and/or make an evacuator enema.
What are the contraindications for Axion Iconos R100 examination ?
- pregnancy;
- allergy to contrast substance.
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Infoline and Appointments
84 00 00
bd. Negruzzi 4/2
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